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A Classic 2017 Novel by Jean-Thomas Cullen

Paris Love Affaire - Young Poet and his Angel in the City of Light

The Bells of Notre Dame (a 2017 novel suddenly so timely and relevant after the 15 April 2019 fire) is a love story set in Paris, with an unforeseeable ending that will knock you out of your socks. By amazing coincidence, the heart and soul of the novel takes us to the central milestone marker of France, on the parvis directly in front of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, as the story rocks with the lovers and the great bells. You will not see the ending coming: guaranteed!

It's the story of a young Poet and his Angel in the City of Light. Marc and Emma are both Parisian, but from opposite sides of the Métro tracks. Some readers will want to skip the grueling detail on this website and go straight for the read (E-Book or P-Book: Shop. Other readers will relish the amazingly long and complex history of the story itself, beyond just the universal story of a young man and woman in love.

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I didn't scribble this novel in a day or two while the embers of 15 April 2019 were still glowing in the ruins of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. Actually, this novel (a love affair, or une affaire in the French idiom, referring to the extra-marital love of a young poet and a beautiful, youthful married faculty wife) has its own remarkable backstory spanning half a century and a great part of my life to date. I wrote the first iteration in a U.S. Army Kaserne during 1970s Cold War West Germany. Despite efforts, it remained unpublished and mostly forgotten in our San Diego garage until the 2010s, when I rediscovered it, liked it very much, and published it in 2016 as a nostalgic New Haven romance, accompanied by a book of my long-ago Young Adult poetry. On a whim, I did a few globals to the digital file (for reasons I explain in the detailed history here, driven by a connection to the 1964 French film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg). The resulting entirely new (yet amazingly same in some ways) Paris-based novel published in 2017 was Paris Affaire: A Young Poet and His Angel in the City of Light. Now, in 2019, I have changed the title (for excellent reasons) to The Bells of Notre Dame.


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2017 Paris novel Reissued April 2019 After Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

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