The Bells of Notre Dame, 2017 novel by Jean-Thomas Cullen


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On Saint Ronan Street (1977), Cymbalist Poems (1960s), The Bells of Notre Dame (2017/19)

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The Bells of Notre Dame (Paris Novel by Jean-Thomas Cullen

Text is identical to the 2017 Paris-based novel Paris Affaire, with new 2019 title; remake of my 1976 New Haven based novel On Saint Ronan Street.

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As Noted in History Pages: My 2019 Paris novel The Bells of Notre Dame is powerfully rooted in my long ago poetry and one very special 1976 novel. The novel On Saint Ronan Street, 1976 is a nostalgic New Haven love story written by me as a lonely, homesick young soldier stationed far from home in West Germany during the Cold War. The three poetry volumes (my collected even older Teen, YA, and NA poetry) authored by my two identical fictional heroes (Jon Harney in the New Haven love story, Marc Fontbleu in the same story decades later set in Paris). More info soon.

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Cymbalist Poems

October Leaf

Postcards to My Soul*

*NOTE: As a play on words, I first published some of my long ago material around 2016 under the pseudonym A. T. Nager (A Teenager). All the works shown here are by Jean-Thomas Cullen (moi, yours truly, merçi bien).


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The Original 1976 New Haven Novel Remade 2017 Into Paris Affaire

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read entire novel free - consider buying (optional) for the price of a coffeeShades of the Past. As explained in the History pages on this site, the 2017 Parisian love story (Paris Affaire) was a fun remake of a 1976 novel I wrote while stationed in West Germany during the Cold War with the U.S. Army. I was homesick for the past I had walked away from, and in my barracks at night wrote poetry and stories including On Saint Ronan Street. But why keep you in suspense? In the spirit of the Bookstore Metaphor (Read Free or Buy; read the e-book or Read-a-Latte for the price of a cup of coffee), click on the cover below and start reading my 1976 novel. From it, I built a same/very different 2017 love story titled Paris Affaire, which carries the new title The Bells of Notre Dame since the 2019 cathedral fire that horrified the world.

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The Original 1976 New Haven Love Story—Basis for the 2017 Paris Novel

As Told Here in the History Pages. I was a professional journalist at 17 and a published poet at 18, and completed my first full novel at 19 as a sophomore English major at the University of Connecticut. By 1976, as a young soldier stationed in West Germany during the Cold War, I had written at least a half dozen novels and many short stories. My 1976 nostalgic New Haven love story that would resonate over forty years later as On Saint Ronan Street was a dusty manuscript for decades until published in 2016. For reasons explained, in 2017 I did some globals and adapted my 1976 novel to become the new, same-yet-very-different Paris novel Paris Affaire. I had no idea that the story would be so appropriate and uplifting after the tragic 2019 fire. The central, climactic glories in the 2017 edition include the Notre Dame Cathedral and its magnificent bells. Amid the global shock as the fire of 15 April 2019 happened, I renamed the 2017 novel to celebrate the past and future glories of Notre Dame de Paris, as it affected a compelling young love story told many years earlier. This sage spanning half a century (if we include the earlier poetry attributed to Marc Fontbleu, alias Jon Harney) came into fruition with the novel below, written in 1976, and unpublished until 2016—which is still a very nice read, in its own right, by a young man long ago, along with its companion poetry volume Cymbalist Poems.